Gülab İnşaat Head Office

Project Details

Gülab İnşaat was looking for something able to illustrate what we stand for. The historical touch we preserve everywhere we go culminated at this project which offered a unique perspective of what and who we are. Gülab İnşaat built a masterpiece for itself to vividly demonstrate everyone what we are capable of. The former mansion was renovated from A to Z and was literally given a new life, the life that truly breath the antique and technology likewise.

Project history

The company was looking to develop an office that could represent the very nature of our delicate approach to design and construction. We were looking to showcase our achievements by building an office for ourselves. The renovation works in the building were carried out with care and meticulous approach to details. This building now serves as a business card during our meetings with existing and perspective clients.

Project information

Year for total restoration and renovation.

Consultants employed for smooth delivery.

Different designs for particular rooms.