Clock House, an Ajwa Home

Project Details

Ajwa Homes are a total number of 7 meticulously designed premium class residences that are made of suits and apartments that can be used separately and jointly likewise. Ajwa Homes are located in the historical peninsula of Istanbul, the district of Sultanahmet. The exterior has been completely retained and renovation works have been carried out predominantly indoors. The design phase was focused on the historical features that are very much unique to the building and surroundings. A total residence space of all exclusive 7 Ajwa Homes reaches 870 square meters including private gardens.


The idea of Ajwa Homes appeared almost immediately after the Ajwa Hotel Sultanahmet was commissioned. The requests for more privacy and spacious comfort made the team in Gulab think about an apartment concept for temporal stay. Apartment idea grew up into a mansion and this how Ajwa Homes were shaped. The houses are designed to please an eye and allow multiple families to enjoy their stay in Istanbul with easy access to key landmarks and historical venues.

Expected completion date: late 2018

Years the second restoration with Gulab in 2016 with the passion to bring back the historical touch the building had before and merge it with the cutting-edge technology of the tomorrow.

Years the first restoration commenced in 1987 and was completed in 1990. The building was reopened as the Hotel Turk Koshk in 1990.

Years old. The foundation of this building dates back to the last century. Back in 1870, the Pasha of the Ottoman empire erected the so called Hammam-I Zade, one of the outstanding buildings in the heart of vibrant Istanbul.