Beyaz Konak, an Ajwa Home

Project Details

Beyaz Konak, an Ajwa Home
Literally meaning “White Mansion”, this three storey, four bedroom classical Turkish house with generous living quarters has been refurbished to perfection, presenting a magnificent alternative for short or long stays in the heart of Istanbul’s historical peninsula. A brand new addition to Ajwa Hotel Sultanahmet, Beyaz Konak offers visitors a genuinely rich experience of a home out of the pages of history, coupled with all the amenities and services of a present day five-star hotel.

Service Concept
The house is available for short or long term stays. Guests have the option to request all housekeeping and maintenance services from nearby Ajwa Hotel Sultanahmet, as well as a dedicated chef to prepare meals, à la carte, on the premises. All such services can be arranged according to length of stay and specific requirements of the guests. Although Beyaz Konak will be available on major reservation channels as any other hotel property, long term stays may be subject to a separate rate structure and rental agreement.

Completion date: 2018

Project history

The idea of AJWA Homes appeared almost immediately after the Ajwa Hotel Sultanahmet was commissioned. The requests for more privacy and spacious comfort made the team in Gulab think about an apartment concept for temporal stay. Apartment idea grew up into a mansion and this how AJWA Homes were shaped. The houses are designed to please an eye and allow multiple families to enjoy their stay in Istanbul with easy access to key landmarks and historical venues.

Project information

Square kilometer including private gardens.

Years for restoration with Gulab.

Houses of tailor made design.