Art Gallery

Project Details

The art gallery located at Kadirga Liman street, Sultanahmet district is yet another exemplary ideal for art aficionados and profound connoisseur likewise. The architectural details throughout the building contain symbolic meaning as the locale was previously used as vessel repair dock and workshop.

The Art Gallery will feature a transparent look into the building to make sure all passersby can observe the beauty of the art within. Many of artifacts will remain as historical evidences and some will be collected for further sale at the first floor of the gallery. The floor below will function as a display room of exceptional carpets, rugs and products alike. The third floor of the art gallery is devoted to a manifestation of paintings and composition. Total venue of over 600 square meters will host.

Expected completion date: late 2018

Project History

The building is being edified next to Gulab office and offers an opportunity to showcase our attachment to history, culture and art in general. Gulab is designing a venue that can serve the needs of art aficionados and help promote the cultural heritage of all nations.


Years of build with Gulab.

Floor for workshop and expo halls.

Shifts working to maximize efficiency.