Project Details

In 2017 Gülab İnşaat launched new exciting project to build the school of business of tomorrow. The IB school of business head office is intended to serve as the headquarters for all the intellectuals and managers that will design executive education programs and offer them to the leading minds of Turkey and customers overseas. The head office of the school is aimed to attract C-level executives and merge their practical skills with theoretical background available at the academic side.


The foundation of this building dates back to the last century. Back in 1870, the Pasha of the Ottoman empire erected the so called Hammam-I Zade, one of the outstanding buildings in the heart of vibrant Istanbul. The first restoration commenced in 1987 and was completed in 1990. The building was reopened as the Hotel Turk Koshk in 1990. Gülab İnşaat started the renovation in 2016 with the passion to bring back the historical touch the building had before and merge it with the cutting-edge technology of the tomorrow.

Expected completion date: mid 2017